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Published April 22, 2020

Quarantine got you feeling down?

Same. Now that the weather has grown pleasant, I’m really missing the outside world, and I have to remember to make time for self-care during this weird time, and I hope everyone else is doing the same!

It’s difficult to find the motivation and creativity to do simple actions that were a part of my daily routine before this; things like exercising and washing my hair suddenly seem pointless or impossible, but they just need to be modified a little. No longer can I visit the gym every other day, and it feels risky just going outside for a run around the neighborhood, and if most of my days are spent in solitude, should I really waste the water to shower?

The problem with this mindset is that it will often send me down a rabbit hole of defeat and decreasing motivation. The solution? You just gotta do it. Just finding the means and motivation to accomplish these everyday tasks is good practice in adaptation and improvisation, and the result is always an improvement in my mood and wellbeing.

This illustration captures the mindfulness that I’m trying to practice these days, and I tried to create this piece in one of my favorite illustration styles. It’s not perfect, and I didn’t quite hit my target idea, but every step you take is still movement in the right direction.

Take care of yourself.


  1. Love how you captured the feeling we are all experiencing from this quarantine.

    • Isabel Isabel

      Thanks, I was trying to balance it out with a somewhat soothing color palette, but I’m not sure where I went wrong.

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