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The Globe

AutoCAD Environment
right iso
left iso with lights

The goal of this project was to create an accurate floorplan and model of Shakespeare's Globe theatre using only photos and historical descriptions of the space. I used Vectorworks for the entire project - designing, modeling, texturing, and lighting.

The biggest roadblocks I ran into and had to solve were modeling the rows of seats and the circular rooftop. Both required some improvising with the Vectorworks tools, and the results were not entirely accurate or aesthetically pleasing, but I think the final product is overall complete.


The floorplan was among the required deliverables along with the completed 3-D environment, beauty shots, and a digital walkthrough video (which for some reason I haven't been able to upload to this page). The dimensions are not accurate, as there is very little online information available regarding the size of this theatre, including the current one. About two years after this project was completed, I actually had the amazing opportunity to attend a performance at the Globe in London, and I believe this model holds up for the most part besides somewhat inaccurate dimensions.

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