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2-D Unity Environment
A snapshot of the final video render.

The goal of this project was to create an animated 2-D Unity environment that conveys a story. Despite only ever living in Texas and thus having no real experience with cold weather, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone for this project and embrace the mystery and potential dangers of a frozen landscape.


The concept art options and the photo-bashed compositions (made in Photoshop) that I created to finalize the concept before beginning the Unity project.

3 Photoshop Comps
A screencapture of the Unity project with all the assets and particle effects in place and positioned to give perspective.
4 Iso Layers

Screenshots of the project in the Unity editor to show the arrangement of assets and effects. The actual assets that make up the environment were all created in Photoshop separated into background, midground, and foreground groups. The smoke and snow were particle effects created within Unity to add motion to the environment. The final product was a looping video.


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