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Finalist at Intel University Games Expo and Showcase 2019

Release Date: 2021

AAAARRGH SHIVER ME TIMBERS! WHAT HAVE WE HERE, YE SCURVY- Excuse me, that has been happening more and more as I continue to work on this game.


2018 Game Trailer

The player controls the hero of this story, a seemingly normal man with a mission to sneak aboard a notorious pirate ship and murder its captain for reasons only he can understand. The player's weapon of choice? A boomerang. With just this and the environment around him, the hero traverses through his enemy's water-y territory. The game itself is 2-D and in a 3rd person, isometric view, and the player is capable of various movements to travel and fight effectively. Likewise, his boomerang has the ability to spark chain reactions in certain situations which will come in handy against the numerous evil pirates standing in the hero's way.

parrot talking
brochure front

This game began as a student project in the Game Development and Design program at UT Austin in the Fall of 2018. The coursework required us (a team of six at the time) to create a fully functional game over the course of one semester, aided by our professor and local playtesters who would come in once a week to give us feedback. When the semester ended and we submitted the "final" version of our video game, a portion of my team decided to take the overwhelmingly positive feedback we'd received and continue adding to and refining the game.

In January 2019, our professor extended an invitation to us to take our game and present it at the Intel University Games Expo and Showcase. I and two of my teammates decided to travel to San Francisco in March to take full advantage of this opportunity.

In preparation to take this to GDC 2019, I compiled some of our game art to create a t-shirt design, so that we could further promote the video game there.

Right now, our team is only made up of four UT graduates, and I serve as the team's sole artist and visual creator. This means that I am in charge of creating all of the concept art, sprites, tilesets, and animations, all of which is now being made in Aseprite (before I used a free browser editor called Piskel). I also work within the Unity project to aid in level design and to oversee the implementation of my assets to ensure they're being used correctly and they match in size and style to the rest of the game. Regardless, most sprites require multiple iterations to get just right.

hero left roll (1)

Likewise, I've used my pixel art software to create cinematic illustrations for the video game that are used for storytelling within the video game.

cutscene clone
boss death

Although the game was finished and released in December 2018 with the end of that college course, only a few members of that original team decided to continue working on Saboteur after that semester. Because of this, we've made some considerable changes to the structure, art, mechanics, and gameplay since that first version, and unfortunately, this current work in progress will not be available for playtesting until Fall 2020.

If you'd still like to try out the first version of this game, it is available for download HERE.

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