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Game Trailer

The player in the first perspective controls an invisible spirit who wakes up in a morgue, their body having been brought there after death. The player comes to realize that they are able to manipulate the environment, and this causes distress to the employees in the morgue who are unable to see the source of these scary phenomena. Actions the player can perform include but aren't limited to: breaking the vending machine, throwing small items, causing the phone to ring, turning on the cremation furnace, locking doors, making chairs float, spookify-ing photos, and spraying creepy decals on the walls. The goal of the game is to scare the employees so badly that they all pass away from fear. Extrication is a fun, feel-good, sandbox game with tons of scary surprises in which players can use their imagination to wreak havoc in supernatural ways!

As a part of UT's Game Development and Design Program, I had the opportunity to help create this video game in the Senior 3-D Game Development Capstone in the spring of 2019. I served as concept artist and 2-D illustrator, and one of two 3-D asset creators (total team consisted of 5 students). Here I'll be documenting the game and my role in its production.

Gameplay screen captures

An example of tormenting the NPCs.


Early concept art created by me depicting the crematorium. As a team, we wanted our aesthetic to accurately communicate the serious nature of a morgue, so that the ridiculousness of gameplay would stand out. As a result, the game environment is full of drab, neutral colors and boring, everyday items.


This is one of the many illustrations I created to display in game.

An example of an action the player can take is "spookify-ing photos." The left is the normal photo, the middle is after one "haunting," and the right is after two "hauntings." The NPC morgue employees have no reaction to the normal photo, but once the player changes the photo to either of the spooky versions, the employees will react in fear which will increase their fear meter closer to death.

These are the decals that the player could place on walls within the game to evoke unique reactions from the NPCs. I used Procreate to create them, and then imported them into the game engine with transparent backgrounds.

Likewise, I used Adobe Photoshop to create some of the UI elements that would appear on screen when the player had the opportunity to "haunt" that particular object.

Selection icons for an interactive game

Some of My 3-D Model Contributions
fridge sf

A model of a mid-century fridge.

vending machine sf

A model of an early 20th century vending machine.

sf iv

An IV pole used for the starting cinematic in the game.

mort tools sf

Mortician tools that the player can throw at unsuspecting NPCs.

lockers sf

Models for the employee locker room with movable doors.

bottle sf

A bottle of chemicals that the player can throw.

npc sf
npc crying

The model for our NPC morgue employees. Actions from the player would trigger facial expression changes and body animations.

All of my 3-D models can be explored further on my SKETCHFAB.

The game was created using Procreate for 2-D illustrations, Adobe Photoshop for 3-D textures, Autodesk Maya for 3-D models, and Unity 3-D, and it's available to download and play on HERE.

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