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Desert Bunker

A 3-D Unity Diorama

This project began with a concept of a post-apocalyptic bunker in the desert. The entrance to this bunker is located, Mad Max style, under the hood of an abandoned car.

For this diorama, I wanted to have two separate environments present but connected, so I modeled the structure of the diorama to show both the harsh desert as well as the cool bunker beneath it. I decorated the edges of the diorama with various rock models to further connect and immerse the viewer in this idea of a bunker embedded in the desert.

Capture 4

This project was completed for a game design course at the University of Texas; students were given permission to incorporate free assets from the Unity store in their project, so long as they matched in style to the rest of the project. I chose to work with relatively low poly assets, so that I would have an easier time implementing my own 3-D models.


These are some screenshots I took during the texturing phase of a few of the assets I made for this environment.

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