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Published April 21, 2020

Click to view full image (1200 x 628 px)

Hello, Decoration!

Today, I tried to bring an idea to fruition – an illustrated featured image of my workspace for my home page. I love pictures like these where people often show off their super tidy and organized desks, so I wanted to make my own despite it not being super tidy nor very aesthetically pleasing really. Unfortunately, even though I followed the recommended size, once I implemented it, it took up way more webpage real estate than I was expecting; so for now the illustration on the home page is cropped quite a bit, but the full image can be seen on my Design/Illustration page.

This project was made entirely in Adobe Illustrator, except for the initial sketch which was made in Photoshop. I’m hoping to make multiples of these in the future, showing off different workspaces that I vibe with. For this one, I think I could improve it by adding more light and shadow shapes to the objects, but please let me know what you think!

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